The   Lord  Jesus Christ  Declared in Luke 18:1  that men ought always to pray and not to faint, prayer is an  Inseparable part of the life of a Christian and  any Christian ministry. Jesus Himself was  a prayerful person the bible accounts that on one occasion he prayed all night  Luke 6:12, the Lord also admonish us to  Watch and Pray so we do not fall into temptation  Matt 26:41.  Through prayer we gain control of situations and circumstances in the natural world as well as dictate the course of our lives and endeavors. We program ourselves for the kind of life we want to live and lead in the World.   Prayer changes things, Why must we pray?  Because there is a God in Heaven who is all powerful and all knowing, who listens and hears our intimate communication of prayer and responds with hesitation with all might and power just to answer our request.

God has set in place principles and privileges for us not to be victims of the onslaught of satanic forces and wicked men in the world ; prayer is one of those principles and privileges of power set by God for His children to take charge of life without fear or dismay. As a Ministry, we devoted in prayer and intercession for God’s people, families, communities, leaders, and our society at larges.  Romans 12:12 admonish God’s people to be instant in prayer, 2Cor 1:11  encourages us to pray for others, Dan 9:3 showed the life devoted to prayer and intercession with fasting, Through prayer Daniel gain access to heavenly revelations and answers that reveal God’s plan for his people in captivity.

Philippians 4:6  instructs to be careful for nothing but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanks giving we should communicate our request to God. In James 5:15  The word of the Lord declares that the prayer of faith will save the sick. Instead of crying and suffering under satanic orchestrated circumstances and bondages lets come together in faith knowing we serve a mighty God who created heaven and earth, A God with whom nothing is impossible and lets pray and receive answers and miracles, I say to every one in need of a miracle, your solution is a prayer way don’t give up.We take a firm stand in prayer against all those things that are contrary to God’s Will for the lives of Men and society. Through prayer will make power and change available, the Holy Spirit Himself strengthens us for this glorious ministry of Prayer. We encourage you to call us and submit a prayer request. God Bless You Richly in all Things in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.