Psalm 103:5  declares  .. that the Lord renews our youths like the Eagles,  God’s Plan for young people is to make them Champions, to manifest his glory in and through their lives. Unfortunately that is not the case in many Places. Today’s world is filled with young people with no  moral value system and principles in hand. They are driven by the current of  fast and fleeting pleasures of life and material gratification, which have lead many young people into disastrous circumstances and situations. There is a rising trend of alcoholism, sexual promiscuity, violence, drugs, crimes, theft and rape in perpetuated by young people in our communities. Parents and love ones in many homes have buried their young people and are still suffering the pain of their loss. This is not the Lord will, God wants young people educate, trained and empower for destiny fulfillment. Our Youth Ministry is reaching out to young people in the city of East London, through youth reach out  programmers and tours. Our focus is to reach to the needs of young people in the High Schools, Colleges, varsity and other training institutions in East London  area and other communities. There are more than 50,000 young people in different schools in the Buffalo City and Amathole District Municipalities, our vision is to reach them effectively for Jesus Christ.